12.02 Linda by TreeLinda Burton posting from Arkadelphia, Arkansas – Did you get my letter? Are you a regular visitor? Either way,  I am glad you are here, and I welcome you to Capital Cities USA. Let me show you around.

Right now, you’ll find mostly POSTS – reports I wrote during the Journey, and posted day by day between February 2012 and now. They are impressions of what I saw that day, or new information I gathered. Read POSTS from each of the 50 capital cities by going to the dark blue column on the right, and clicking on the city you want to read about. Some cities have more POSTS than others (I apologize) though I continue to transcribe my notes and share them, so keep watching. Our national capital, Washington DC, is also in this column.

I am creating PAGES now. Follow the tabs on the dark blue bar across the top.

  • ABOUT. Read that PAGE first – it explains what Capital Cities USA has done, and will do, and the purpose and goals of the organization. It also lists the officers and directors, and contact information.
  • CAPITAL CITIES. That tab takes you to a PAGE with an alphabetical listing of capital cities. Click on the one you want to read about. You’ll find facts about the beginnings of each city, and statistics about population, education, and more. This section of the site is growing slowly, so check back frequently for updates. Estimated completion date: March 31.
  • CAPITAL KIDS. The kids PAGES will have everything from help for homework to stories and games for fun. Maybe some stories by the Capital Cats! Estimated development start date: April 1.
  • CAPITOL BUILDINGS. These PAGES have not yet been developed. But they will contain information about the capitol building in each state. There will be statistics and stories, and many photos of the magnificent structures. Estimated development start date: July 1.
  • SEARCH. See the gray-blue box to the left of the SEARCH button at the top? Type what you’re looking for in there, it will find articles that match. Try “chili” or “bathtub” and see what comes up! Or your name. Or seriously, “George Washington” (with the quotes, of course).
  • RED CALENDAR. Click on any date on the calendar that is “live” (underlined) and go directly to the POST for that date.
  • ARCHIVES. Gold column. Select any month/year and go directly to all POSTS for that time period.
  • RECENT POSTS. Gold column. The five most recent POSTS, by name.
  • BLUE COLUMN. Near the bottom of the dark blue column see “X Arkadelphia,” “Y Traveling Between,” “Z Summaries.” Self-explanatory. Go to “Z Summaries” for an overview of the Journey in segments of five cities grouped, it’s the most fun reading!

Maybe you prefer to just scroll down and read each entry in the order posted. That’s a good approach too, take your time and read them all.