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Favorite Characters in Patchwork Love

The author asked readers to identify their favorite character in Patchwork Love. She received a mixed bag of answers!

I can’t choose a favorite character. They are all so well-developed. I do love the children: vulnerable but resilient and brave, innocent but wise, and so caring of other people and animals, too. So I guess Tag, Trish, Buddy, and Jonathan are my favorites. Next would be Merit and then Lovely.

I enjoyed the book, especially the characters. I loved the title and the picture on the cover, the children against the moon. I would purchase this book based on the title and tag line alone – dogs and kids, you can’t go wrong.

I keep raving to all in my household how good this book is. With all the wonderful characters you have created there is so much potential for so many more novels.

I most connected with Ginny. She was always trying to look after others in her own way. She was truly interested in people. She went out of her way to do something nice for her friends. Her personality reminded me a little of me.

I was particularly moved by the short life of Carrie Ann. Too many women, even today, are left in circumstances they aren’t prepared for. Then they make the wrong choices.

My favorite character was Dr Will. He reminded me of my father, always welcoming, and drawing people in. Making things. Merit and Auntie Love reminded me of myself – caring enough to help others but “hiding in plain sight” within themselves.

The book captured me from the beginning pages and kept my interest as all the characters were woven into the story line.

The character I most identified with was Marybeth. She was the one who took a matter of fact approach to the crisis and methodically went through her options and what her next steps should be.

While I did like Merit, I also would have to say Lovely was a favorite. She MADE THE CHOICE to overcome all the adversities of her youth and make a difference in other’s lives.

You created a town, slowly developing each of the characters. How awesome is that! Please write a novel on each one.