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Patchwork Love: The Buzz

Good news, readers and planning-to-be readers — Patchwork Love is now being read in 47 states (that we know of) and in Japan and the UK! If you’ve already got your copy, and have already read it — please go to and post a glowing review. Yes, it’s okay to tell everyone how much you enjoyed it, and how intriguing the characters are. (Just don’t give away the surprise ending.) And after THAT, tell at least three people about the book, and where they can get it. Or order one sent directly to someone else. They’ll thank you.

If you’ve got your copy but haven’t read it yet, my goodness, what are you waiting for? It’s a mystery wrapped around a love story with plenty of “I can’t believe they really did that” thrown in. What it isn’t is one of those one-two slam-bam quickies that slide to an end even before you’ve finished your first nibblies. No, as one reader said, you need to “snuggle in and get absorbed.” Connect. Make friends with the wonderful characters who live in Wake Robin. Get to know Merit, and Lovely. And  those kids. Reading this book will enrich your life and boost you up for spring.

And if you haven’t got your copy YET, don’t let the buzz pass you by. Order Patchwork Love. Do it today.