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Readers Are Responding to Patchwork Love

Personal Notes Addressed to Author Linda Lou Burton

Your book profoundly portrays the importance of acting and speaking with kindness in our daily lives and, as you point out, it’s our choice. I’m reminded of Emily Dickinson’s little poem: A word is dead when it is said, some say. I say it just begins to live that day. Thanks for writing this book. I pray many, many people will read it and take it to heart.

Your book is a must read. I’m telling others to go sit by the fire wrapped in a throw and radiate from within while they read this empowering novel.

Well I finished your book last night! And I love what you did with the book, addressing these issues that are so prevalent today. I didn’t sneak to the back to see how the story ends like I’ve done a couple times in my life, so you really surprised me with what you did with the book.

This is possibly the best book I have ever read, reminiscent of To Kill A Mockingbird. Your skill in weaving together the pieces of the mystery, answering questions at just the right time, are impeccable.

This book would make a great screen play, I’d like to see it as a movie. I think it’s great for book clubs too, with all the questions at the back of the book for discussion.

The minute I finished reading this book, I went straight to the basket of unpaid bills I hadn’t touched in months, and opened them up. Then I went to my closet and pulled out all the rumpled clothes. I sorted through and pressed my shirts. I feel that I am in charge of my life again, ready to face the world.

Thanks for notifying me of your novel. Of course I bought it and read it right away. Very enjoyable. I had no idea that you were such a good writer. Was also good to know (from the Author’s Bio) that your state capital’s project continues. Please let me know when your next book is published.

Reading the book makes me hungry for good food – good eats in there for sure! Also it points out the goodness of southern folk.

My husband was recently diagnosed with Alzheimers. Reading this book helped me realize that though I am feeling “abandoned” right now, there are many that understand. I feel much less alone.

It is apparent a great deal of work went into this endeavor.

I’ve dealt with a young woman who was victim of rape at around sixteen and her family “swept it under the rug.” I’ll have to share that with you sometime.

I liked Patchwork Love for the way it carried me through the lives of the characters and how they deal with what life throws their way – from mystery and intrigue to heart-wrenching abandonment to undeniable love.

I finished Patchwork Love last night. This is a wonderful book! Thanks for writing it. The way you move the plot along by devoting each chapter to a character is very effective, and I love your sentence structures. Your very interesting style of writing– your word choices and sentence cadences–reminds me of poetry. In some places I think you ARE writing pure poetry!

I am half way through the book. It reads easily and I like the style. The subject is very timely and on the forefront of the media. It needs to be addressed.

Everyone’s life could just turn on a dime. Each choice we make moves us down a different path. Everything we do matters, this is so clear in the book.

Brilliant book on life itself. What a wonderful grasp you have on life and its conditions and perplexities.