Camelback Toyota, Camelback Mountain

Linda Burton posting from Phoenix, Arizona — Today was the day to pay attention to the Scion. The personalized plate had arrived, so I borrowed a screwdriver from the front desk and happily fastened it to my car. I’ll never forget my number now: 50 CCUSA.

Next I wanted to buff up the cargo space. Six thousand miles traveling with “cats in the back” were starting to present a hairy problem. I headed for the nearest Toyota/Scion in Phoenix, which turned out to be Camelback Toyota on (where else) Camelback Road. A fabulous facility, they’ve been there two years, I learned.

Khristal Witting searched for accessories that might solve my cat-hair problem, she owns an XB too, has a canvas liner in her car. We walked to the parking lot where she showed me how it works for her. Sold! I said. We chatted about the Journey as we installed (well mostly she installed!); it fitted over the seat backs and covered the cargo space floor. Perfect! Thank you Khristal, now I’m set. She promised to follow the Journey every mile; “Keep me posted on the cats,” she said.

I met with General Manager John O’Malley too, and told him about the Journey Across America the Scion and I are making. Picture time (I’m squinting in the Arizona sun, not frowning!), along with Kim McKay, Customer Relations Manager, who graciously showed me around and told me a little about “life in Phoenix,” where she has lived for the last 30 years. Kim verified for me which mountain was “Camelback” – it’s visible from the parking lot. 

I drove a few more miles down Camelback Road, headed towards that fascinating mountain, and here’s what I saw.  I’ll save the thousand words and just post the photos.  The last photo is the view you would have from your kitchen window  if you lived on Camelback Mountain. As Gomer Pyle would say: Gol-lee!