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Basking on Basque Block

Linda Burton posting from Boise, Idaho – Oh come on, my pun’s okay; even the Basque Museum posts a window sign that says “Who Is That Basque Man?” Not knowledgeable about Basques in Idaho, I realized I had a lot to learn. I can tell you this – Basque culture is very much alive in Boise; the ethnic community numbers about 15,000 and is the largest such community in the United States (fifth largest in the world, behind Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and of course the Basque Country of Spain and France). But seriously, who is that Basque man? One is the Mayor of Boise, David Bieter, elected in 2003, and in 2007, and in 2011; fluent in Basque and Spanish, he is extensively involved in Boise’s Basque community and in 2005 was awarded the “Basques Throughout The World” award for his work on behalf of Basque peace and self-determination. I wandered the area known as Basque Block, a vibrant downtown section between 6th and Capitol Boulevard on Grove Street, to find out more. » read more


The Wood! The Wood!

Linda Burton posting from Boise, Idaho – Is that a streaker? I blinked as what appeared to be a naked man went running past, just across the hedge. Against a backdrop thick with trees, his chest was bare, but then I saw that he was wearing shorts, it was a jogging path. Next two discreetly burkhaed women came in view, purses slung on shoulders, chatting as they strolled along. And then a bike went whizzing by, the biker’s helmet iridescent blue, a flash. “Is that the river over there?” I asked, as my server set the seafood quiche in front of me. “Oh yes, right there, I can see it through the trees.” I stood myself, and sure enough, it was not a hundred feet away, and moving fast. Well I’ll be darned, the famous Boise River, and the famous trees. The cottonwoods. » read more


Nice Work If You Can Get It

Journey Begins

Linda Burton posting from Boise, Idaho – “That sounds like a lot of work.” I heard that phrase nearly every time I told someone about the plans for the Journey Across America. In fact, I heard it so often I threatened to get a bumper sticker! Well, I’ve visited 5 out of 50 Capital Cities now; the Journey is 1/10th of the way done, and before I begin my focus on Boise, I’m going to summarize, analyze, theorize and maybe even criticize. How are things going so far? What is working particularly well, and what is not so hot in the way I’ve set things up? Like the pioneers on the Oregon Trail, what am I throwing in the ditch, and what have I learned that I cannot live without? I think of the little girl in the ill-fated Donner Party; as adults around her moved into survival mode she was told to leave her dolly behind. But that dolly was her survival mode, she hid it in her skirt; survival is a very personal thing. And so is work. One person’s work can be another’s adventure, no matter what the stats reveal! Let’s see. » read more


Mother First

Linda Burton posting from Boise, Idaho – There’s a trailer running on TV now about a new movie – What to Expect When You’re Expecting – and the ad contains a line that really tickles me. “You don’t know the meaning of love until you’ve wiped somebody’s butt.” Funny how that works. It’s Mother’s Day and I’m remembering Mothers I Have Known. My Mom, of course, and my Ma-in-law; without them my family as it is today would not exist. There’s my two Grandma’s, who saw me as a Perfect Child. There’s Aunt Verla, and Aunt Clara, who mothered me like I belonged to them. There are my daughters-in-law, who gave me a more precious gift than money can buy – grandchildren! And there are my sons, who made sure I knew the meaning of love. That was in the days before Pampers too. But heck, I’m thinking as I sit in Idaho, Sacajawea didn’t have Pampers either. Did you know that she was born just north of here? » read more


Double Wide

Linda Burton posting from Boise, Idaho  – I almost killed the cats. I didn’t load the Scion right, so when I slowed to take the ramp to Promontory, the printer box came crashing to the front, right into the litter pan. I stopped to see if cats were buried underneath it all, but Jack was undisturbed. Alex fixed me with a glare, wide eyed and frankly quite perturbed. “Fix that!” he seemed to say. “My bad,” I said, and scratched his chin. I rearranged some boxes, a temporary fix; oh well, I thought, it’s not that many hours to go. I’d left too late, didn’t want to pack the car again, but the schedule for the Journey was in my hands to keep. So we’re on our way to Idaho; to Boise, capital city number six. Except for one last Utah stop. » read more