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Castles in the Sand

Linda Burton posting from Honolulu, Hawaii – “Don’t bother buying sunscreen for the beach,” we were advised. “There are so many people at Waikiki all you have to do is get in the water and somebody else’s sunscreen will wash all over you.” Well eww, was our thought. But it’s the first day of summer! Who can resist an afternoon at the beach? And we were only two blocks away from Kuhio Beach Park, wide open for public use. We bought a Hello Kitty beach towel at the International Market next door. We bought the requisite pail and shovel, and a mat for sitting on the sand. And we bought our own personal sunscreen, because, well, eww. Out the door and down the elevator; Granddaughter Kayla swung the pail and danced down the block; past the hula hula dolls in the Made in Hawaii window; past the Ukulele shop and the Flip Flop store; past the giant banyan tree. We stopped to admire the statue of The Duke, Surfing Champion; grand swimmer; Olympic medalist. Surfboards were propped in the sand ahead of us; surfers were out on the waves, most of them in the paddling stage. Kayla picked her spot at the water’s edge; “Build me a castle,” was my request. » read more


Me and the Duke at the Beach

Kayla Shumate, age 10, traveling with grandmother, posting from Honolulu, Hawaii –G mom and I went to the beach today. It was the first day of summer and a bright sunny day. When I got there I was so excited to play. When we found the spot we were going to stay I had to put my sunscreen on and take my bucket out of my pack. Then I went out to the wet sand and started to push the sand forward. I started to make a wall with the sand to block the big warm water waves from hitting my spot. When I was making my big castle there were children playing in the water all over the place. There were also surfers that were surfing in the big waves passing by. I finished the big wall and made my castle inside. When I was making my castle G mom came up and asked “What is the name of this castle?” I thought for a little bit and said King Hut. That was the first name that popped in my head. Then G mom said about 10 more minutes because I have been out for 1 hour. Then I washed myself at the shower. I got my towel and dried myself and then G mom and I saw a statue that was near where I played. It was the Duke statue!  » read more


The Ah Factor

Linda Burton posting from Honolulu, Hawaii – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – kids love capitols. Why else would granddaughter Kayla make a statement like “I love this day!” as we returned to our room footsore and damp and too tired to think? We hadn’t been to Disneyland. We hadn’t been shopping for the latest “fads for girls.” We had been to the Hawaii State Capitol. We figured out the trolley lines (Red is the Historic Route), covered up our cameras with the bottom of our shirts (rain mist blew through the open trolley and wet us good); and off we went. Clang, clang, clang went the trolley; rain, rain, rain on our face; walk, walk, walk to the entrance, and then Kayla took off, Nikon around neck; squatting, standing, leaning, snapping shots of everything – the sky through the upward sweeping opening-instead-of-a-roof; the blue ceramic tiles circling in the center; the stones taking volcano shape on the side; images intended to evoke a feeling, show a certain attitude. Birds flew up, down, landed and skipped along the pavement at our feet; everyone we passed nodded and smiled. This was a happy place; how can I explain? » read more


The Princess in the Park

Kayla Shumate, age 10, traveling with grandmother, posting from Honolulu, Hawaii — G mom and I went to a park close by our hotel. We saw a statue of a princess in the park. Princess Ka’iulani. She was born in 1875 on October 16. Her full name was Victoria Ka’iulani Kalaninuiahilapalapa Kawekiu i Lunalilo Cleghorn. Her mother was Princess Miriam Likelike, sister to the queen. Princess Ka’iulani was to be the future queen of Hawaii. That is why she is so important to Hawaii. Princess Ka’iulani was sent to England to go to school. Princess Ka’iulani’s favorite flower was the Chinese Jasmine. She owned a few peacocks that loved her so much just like family. One day while riding her horse in the mountains of Hawaii, Princess Ka’iulani was caught in a storm and came down with a fever and pneumonia. She died at age 23. That day the Princesses peacocks screamed and cried for her to come back. She lived 1875-1899.

I got pictures of many pigeons in the park but no peacocks were there.


Going,Going. There!

Kayla Shumate, age 10, traveling with grandmother, posting from Honolulu, Hawaii – First of all we rode on a 757-300. It has 43,000 lb. of thrust. It has two engines, Pratt and Whitney. It can go 4,722 miles without buying gas. When they turned on the engines I couldn’t hear. Half way through the flight, we had dinner. During dinner I kept falling asleep. I finally finished. After that they played a movie. You had to wear headphones to hear the movie. During the movie I didn’t watch it at all really. I did a crossword puzzle with G mom. It was fun but a little confusing. When we were allowed to unbuckle our seat belts we were over fields of clouds. When it was an hour away from landing I saw a beautiful sunset. With pink, orange and a light blue sky. When we started to land G mom’s water bottle started to cave in. That’s because the air pressure changed. When we landed I felt a big bump. We were in Honolulu!