Don’t Let the Rain Catch You Sighing

Linda Burton posting from Austin, Texas — Geek chic or the rodeo? Which would you rather experience in the midst of a bodacious Texas thunderstorm? Nobody except the pedicabbers paid the least bit of attention to the weather today as folks crowded in to both events with a fervor.

Governor Rick Perry dropped by SXSW and chatted with CNN’s Peter Hamby, wearing jeans and an arm sling. When asked what he’d do differently next time, he answered, “Well, I wouldn’t have back surgery just before a campaign. I’d start a little earlier and be better prepared.” Chalk it up to live and learn.

A  Twitterer commented later “Why was his arm in a sling? Was it from his fall from the presidential race?”  News knows it was from his February 24 surgery to repair his right clavicle, which did not heal properly after a 2009 bicycle accident.

Speaking of Twitter, the Interactive Hotspot calls Twitter “so 2007” news. What’s trending now is “close friends.” If you’ve got Facebook friends, your phone can tell you which ones are close by. Is this a good thing? Will this replace Lassie?

And speaking of races, the Swifty Swine Pig Races began today over at the Fairgrounds as Rodeo Austin swings into action. March 9-24, . Little piglets like Kevin Bacon and Justin Bieboar race around Porkchop Downs International Speedway aiming for the oreo prize. Cutester!

I opted for cozy today, watching everybody else’s excitement from the dry side of the windowpane, letting the pizza boy deliver right to the door. A person can choose to be geek-cheeky at home, too, every now and then.