Susie-Q on Bar-B-Q

06 county line sign 2Linda Burton posting from Austin, Texas — Every Tom, Dick and Susie-Q in Texas loves barbecue. I googled Austin Barbecue to get some ideas for at least one “authentic Texas” meal. The “10 Best” listed Salt Lick Barbecue at the top. Thirty minutes outside of Austin, no credit cards, bring your own beer, a fireplace for chilly days. Second was Kreuz Market in Lockhart, no sauce, no sides, just belly up to the counter and order barbecued meat; it comes to you on butcher paper. The third listing was The County Line and that’s the one I chose, because, well, the tour guide said his daddy said it was the best barbecue he ever ate. A true word-of-mouth endorsement.

06 hill viewThere are several County Line restaurants — one on the lake, the original “on the hill.” With sunset coming on, I drove out to Bee Cave Road, yes, I wanted barbecue with a view. “Our homemade bread is worth the price” the menu boasts, though complimentary bread comes with your meal. The homemade stuff is OMG, soft, fragrant, and such a loaf of it you have to take some home. Known for beef brisket, that’s what I tried, extra sauce, potato salad, crunchy slaw. Everything was good, but it’s the view I’d go back for.

06 starOnly one thing to say. Along about suppertime, find yourself a hill to end the day with. And, if you can’t find a hill, at least get some Texas barbecue.

Others on the “10 Best” List are:

Sam’s – an institution, late hours, musicians favor after gigs, Stevie Ray Vaughn was a patron

06 hot pitCooper’s Old Time Pit – you can even get goat barbecue here, sit outside at communal tables

Louie Mueller – 40 miles from Austin but ranked one of the top 25 barbecue places in the world

Ruby’s – numerous sides, vegetarian options, and hormone-free meats

06 stubbsStubb’s – a music haven that also has good barbecue, it has attracted greats like Willie Nelson, Robert Cray, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, and on and on

Artz Rib House – vinyl checked tablecloths, ceiling fans, and bluegrass nearly every night

Iron Works Barbecue – big red tin building, lively patio, barbecue and salad bar

The County Line

Ten Best