One Little Monkey

Linda Lou Burton posting from Sarova Mara Game Camp, Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya–A lion on the gate! Promises of things to come! We are at the Maasai Mara – the place, at last! The Great Wildebeest Migration happens HERE. The most lions of any park live HERE. Oh joy oh joy we squeal like little kids, it’s Santa time! Daniel pays the fees, takes care of stuff; then on our way to CAMP. “Sarova Mara Game Camp” to be precise, it has a ring, don’t you think? Ten minutes more and we are there, piling from the 4×4, me slowly, slowly, (pole, pole) but happy as a dancing deer.

Karibu! We’re greeted at the entry bridge, a heated towel for our dusty hands, a glass of mango for our thirst. A handsome smile. The desk, yes, Abdi checks us in, takes care to get a tent that’s close for me (5 minute walk OK?, he asks). We gather in the bar, a roaring fire, a crowd, “Hello” I hear; a woman smiles, extends her hand. “I think we’re following you!” – another traveler in a group, an Aussie accent I believe. We chat. Then Get-Your-Bearings time; everything explained; what’s happening; and where it is. Balloon Safari? Who’d like a morning skybird ride? Hot ticket item; Rick the only one of us who dares. He’s game, gets signed. Fig Tree Camp Balloon Safaris, pickup 4:30 AM. Eeek!

Lunch is pampered, a creamy soup to start, who can remember all of it? We stop by the pool on the way to our tent. A Maasai dance at 7 there; I won’t miss that. The grounds are spacious, quiet; a tiny bushbuck no taller than the lamp! Or is it a gazelle? I don’t know. And then, what’s that? An armadillo? But with a furry look, not shell. Down the walkway, Tent 15, three monkeys wait. “They’ll run away,” I say. We sit down on the porch, looking towards the creek, a viney haven for cheeky monkey jinks. But one little monkey stays, hanging out with us? Apparently I have a lot to learn about animals.


Sarova Mara Game Camp