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Linda Lou Burton posting from Little Rock, Arkansas – Fast forward to 2022, and a notice from Globus Travels that they were “back in business with a bang” as COVID restrictions began to ease. So maybe THIS year I could spend a night on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater? Maybe THIS year I could sit on Karen Blixen’s front porch in Nairobi? Heck yeah!

I found the Tour I wanted. I checked in with son Rick. Do you still want to go to Africa? Heck yeah! We picked a date, and paid the deposit to reserve our spot. Now that the “daydream” was at the least a possibility, I dug into my favorite hobby: research. The tour begins in Kenya, so that’s where I started. Look what I found!

How big is Kenya? Where is it? What does it look like?

Kenya is an east African country roughly the size of the US state of Texas. Geographically diverse, the country rises from the shores of the Indian Ocean to the snow-capped peaks of 17,057-foot Mt Kenya. The Great Rift Valley takes a north-south route through the country, the Equator goes east-west through the middle. Lake Victoria, the world’s largest tropical lake, lies on the western border. The country is a mosaic of lion-gold savannah, rolling grassland, ancient rainforests, and volcanic plains.

How about Kenya’s weather?

Kenya has one of the most beautiful climates in the world, typically featuring long sunny days with clear blue skies, champagne-fresh air (especially up-country), golden evenings, and spectacular sunsets. Day and night are almost equal year round, with sunrise around 6 am and sunset around 6.30 pm. There is no summer/winter, rather rainy or dry seasons. The “long rains” occur from April to June; the “short rains” November to December. July and August are the coolest months; September through March the warmest. Note todays end-of-August highs/lows: Little Rock 92/70. Mombasa 83/70. Nairobi 72/59.

Who lives in Kenya?

Kenya’s 2021 people population was estimated at almost 55 million. There is a small ethnic minority of Arabs, Europeans, and Indians. The largest ethnic group is Kikuyu (8+ million); others of the many include Luhya, Luo, Somali, and Maasai (1+ million). 86% of Kenyans are Christian; 10% Muslim. The three largest cities are the capital, Nairobi (4.5 million), Mombasa (1.2 million) and Nakuru (580,000). As to animal wildlife, over 100 mammals and 400 species of birds live in Kenya. 238 animals are tracked regularly, and reports show 36,280 elephants, 29,200 giraffes, and 5,200 buffalo lead the ranks. The lion, Kenya’s national animal, has a population of approximately 2,500.


How does Kenya promote itself on its site, Magical Kenya?

Iconic Safaris is one of the choices of Things to Do in the Nature & Wildlife category. Since we’ll be going On Safari, I clicked that link.

Kenya is the classic African safari destination, with over 45 national parks, reserves, sanctuaries, and over 100 conservancies. Home to unique and diverse wildlife, Kenya offers incredible natural beauty and sensational game viewing opportunities. Discover and explore the magnificent wildlife in many ways – walking, a hot air balloon ride, horseback, game viewing vehicles, or simply from the comfort of your lodge/camp.

Check it out. Especially the video. Elephants! Rhinos! Land Rovers!

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