I Wish I’d Brought the Piano

Christmas in Antarctica originally posted by Linda Lou Burton December 13, 2005 from Seattle, Washington, United States – Overheard in line waiting to get into the theater for a play that has been long sold out:

  • Husband: Gee, I wish I’d brought the piano.
  • Wife: Oh, you’d play for us while we wait?
  • Husband: No, I left the tickets on top of it.

Well folks, I’m checking the top of the piano right now: passport, check; plane tickets, check; cameras and batteries and memory cards and backup this and backup that, check, check, check. Fancy-schmancy luggage sitting by the door.

I’m spending CHRISTMAS in Antarctica!

Had the family over Sunday, talked to the ones far away, spent the afternoon getting a pedicure, can I get any more relaxed? Housesitter coming, backups ready-when-needed, mail on hold, weather clear and cold, looks like a full moon or nearly. Next time you hear from me I’ll be south of the equator. Everything is dang nigh perfect.

Oops, Alex T Cat just barfed all over the carpet.