When The Wind Blows

Linda Burton posting from Carson City, NevadaWind Warning topped the news. It was coming over the Sierra, they said, to the tune of 55 mph. I went about my business, as everyone else seemed to be doing. I wanted to check out Mills Park. I knew it had a skateboard facility, a tot playground, exercise stations, and an outdoor fitness center. I knew there was a large pavilion too. Their website http://www.carson.org/Index.aspx?page=1082 told me about a miniature railroad, and tennis and volleyball courts. I was not able to see these things however. Closed, due to high winds, said the permanent-looking sign across the drive. I took refuge across the street to watch the cloud come over the mountains. 

 Grab a grande, grab a corner chair, and grab a good book. At Starbucks, as many people were doing. Or, get your car serviced at Carson City Toyota. They’ve got a cozy fireplace and a wide-screen TV to go with the coffee, while you’re all relaxed in a soft red leather chair.  I learned more of What You Do When The Wind Blows from Becca Lee who “works in the back,” she said. “Carson City is windier than Chicago,” she told me. “It’s a little known fact that we have more days that the wind reaches X point than any other city in the country. It’s the way it comes over the Sierra. I’ve had it blow my screen door right off the hinges!”

 I asked about wind damage to the cars on the lot, remembering the recent windshield ding I got in a California dust storm. “When we have a big dust storm,” she told me, “everybody comes in at 5:30 AM to start moving cars and sweeping down the lot. Every single car has to be washed.” Dana Whaley came out then, he’s the General Manager I’d come to call on. “That’s right,” he said. “If customers can’t get onto the lot, we can’t sell any cars.”

 We went outside to get pictures with the Scion. Dana was intrigued by the story of the Journey Across America. “Send me a picture of your car,” he said, “and I’ll ask Scion to put it on their national Facebook. What you’re doing is quite a feat.”  “Deal,” I answered.



I found Carson City Toyota to be a friendly place, a good place to go whether or not the wind is blowing. And did I mention their community involvement; their support of Little League, and the city parks? President Dick Campagni wouldn’t have it any other way. Good people. http://www.carsoncitytoyota.com/