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The Scent of May

Linda Burton posting from Salt Lake City, Utah – Sit down on the bench and close your eyes. Hear the children laughing, the sound of water splashing near. And a bee, a lazy buzzing bumblebee. The sun is warm; stay all afternoon. Inhale; take a deep, deep breath; smell the smell of spring. Wisteria takes the lead, but there’s another sweetness in the air. Where is that splashing water? Where are those children? Pass under the arbor; wisteria clusters brush your shoulder; leave their scent. Flowers fill the May-day scene in crayola-brilliant landscaped beds; snowballs on bushes go sprawling up the hill. Where is that splashing water?  » read more


What Next! What Next?

Linda Burton posting from Salt Lake City, Utah – Paraphrasing an old tune: I got to Salt Lake City on a Sunday, by Monday I learned a thing or two. But up ’till then I didn’t have an idea, of all the things right here that I could do. I counted thirteen places with Connect Pass, and then I Googled more and more and more; next thing I read the Travelhost and Chamber, and learned about the Tours out to the shore. What next! What next?

 If that didn’t bring the tune to mind, I’ll tell you — it was that old ditty from Oklahoma about “Kansas City” that was buzzing in my head as I assembled my To Do list.  I learned this – » read more


I Wanna Go Fast

Linda Burton traveling from Elko, Nevada to Salt Lake City, Utah –Boggled by nature’s theatrics as I drove east from Elko, I thought by now I’d seen every type of terrain. I was wrong. My curving descent at Wendover, past the last of the Nevada casinos, showed flashes of white ahead. A battery of signs assailed me – Mountain Time Zone, Welcome to Utah, High Wind Area. Then another sign, a green directional, that simply said “Bonneville Speedway.” I didn’t hesitate.  » read more