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Not Just Blowing in the Wind

Linda Burton posting from Carson City, Nevada – The blue and silver flashes caught my eye as I drove down Carson Street. Hundreds of pinwheels on the Legislative lawn were spinning wildly in the afternoon breeze. Of course I had to know — why were they there? Inside, I learned it is an annual thing, this Planting of the Pinwheels; as April is Prevent Child Abuse month in Nevada, part of the national effort, Prevent Child Abuse America.

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Close Enough to Touch

Linda Burton posting from Carson City, Nevada – From the door of my room I see mountains. They are a dry-brush brown, with a white-snow frosting along the tops. I could walk across the street and start climbing towards the snow. If I were a hiker, that is. These mountains look approachable; with gently rounded slopes. I could wrap my arms tight against my body and go rolling down. If I were a kid, that is. Rocks jut up here and there, but overall, these mountains have a friendly look. And they are close enough to touch.

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The Sierra

Linda Burton traveling from Sacramento, California to Carson City, Nevada – Today was the day to tackle “The Sierra.” I’ve been hearing about it for two weeks; it’s all the Sacramento news – the weather of it, the condition of the road to Tahoe, events to entertain. I couldn’t see it, and didn’t really understand (why isn’t it Sierras, plural?).  I’d delayed a day to let the snow clouds dissipate; no chains in my repertoire. Now I had a sunny day and loaded up with ease, one thing at a time from room to car.

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