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The Walkabout

Linda Burton posting from Honolulu, Hawaii — “Always take twice as much money and half as many clothes as you think you’ll need” was the sage advice I learned from a world traveler many years ago; I have found it to be true. Granddaughter Kayla is ready as I come driving up; her little pink suitcase-on-wheels filled with seven shirts and seven pants and skirts; seven pair of underwear; pj’s and hairbrush; that’s enough, I’d advised yesterday; we’ll do laundry there. Son Rick has cleared the carport for me to store the Scion in; I park and move my luggage to his car. It’s a long drive to SeaTac Airport; through Seattle and a middle-of-Sunday-afternoon unexplainable traffic jam. Inside to check the biggest bag; goodbyes come quick, a family can no longer stay together till the boarding call; now partings happen at Security. We pose for pictures; it’s Father’s Day; Kayla gives her Dad a really-love-you hug; take care; we’ll see you soon. The walkabout begins. » read more


Going,Going. There!

Kayla Shumate, age 10, traveling with grandmother, posting from Honolulu, Hawaii – First of all we rode on a 757-300. It has 43,000 lb. of thrust. It has two engines, Pratt and Whitney. It can go 4,722 miles without buying gas. When they turned on the engines I couldn’t hear. Half way through the flight, we had dinner. During dinner I kept falling asleep. I finally finished. After that they played a movie. You had to wear headphones to hear the movie. During the movie I didn’t watch it at all really. I did a crossword puzzle with G mom. It was fun but a little confusing. When we were allowed to unbuckle our seat belts we were over fields of clouds. When it was an hour away from landing I saw a beautiful sunset. With pink, orange and a light blue sky. When we started to land G mom’s water bottle started to cave in. That’s because the air pressure changed. When we landed I felt a big bump. We were in Honolulu!


Kent Meridian Elementary

Linda Burton posting from Kent, Washington – “Who likes to travel?” I asked. Every hand went up; that means both hands from every kid; double the enthusiasm. I’m visiting Mrs Macey’s 4th grade class at grandson Sam’s school, Kent Meridian Elementary; he’d help me set up the room before this happy bunch came back from recess. “So, did you know you are traveling right now?” I continued. Summer vacation? Going home after school? “No, I mean, right NOW,” I answered back. “Right now, in this room, while you are sitting at your desks.” A young man to my right caught the idea then, “We’re orbiting the sun!” “Correcto mundo!” I praised. “We’re traveling around the sun. Every time you have a birthday you’ve circled one more time. I’ve been around the sun 73 times already!” Oo’s and ah’s, such a large number to comprehend. We discussed how many trips they’d made so far; how many miles that was; an awesome fact. Then down to earth, my Journey Across America. » read more