Frankfort, Kentucky

00 frankfort capitol aerialFrankfort, Kentucky

  • Kentucky became a state June 1, 1792, the 15th state admitted to the Union.
  • Frankfort became state capital: 1793
  • Established: 1786
  • Name Origin: Possibly named for pioneer Stephen Frank

Frankfort was chosen as the state capital in 1792 – a compromise between Lexington and Louisville. The present capitol was built in 1910 and has a small “lantern” cupola on top. Inside the rotunda are statues of both Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis.

An unusual Floral Clock is out front, adorned with thousand of flowers. Its mechanism moves a 530-pound minute hand and a 420-pound hour hand.

Explorer Daniel Boone and his wife are buried in Frankfort, and the Daniel Boone National Forest is nearby. This area is “horse country,” with farms in Lexington and world-famous Churchill Downs in Louisville. On the first Saturday in May, Governor’s Derby Day is held on the capitol grounds with breakfast, entertainment, and Kentucky crafts.

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Things To Love About Frankfort

The valleys edged by limestone cliffs; the rolling bluegrass hills with fences made of native stone; the water pure enough for whiskey-making fame; the tulip-planted drive leading to the grandeur of the capitol; the settled peace of sunset as horses graze.

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Capital City Basics

  • Population: 25,527, 47th largest in population of the 50 capital cities
  • Population density: 1,783 persons per square mile
  • Land area of city: 14.32 square miles
  • Elevation: 510 feet, 26th highest in elevation of the 50 capital cities
  • Normal high/low temps: January 41/25, July 86/66. Annual rainfall: 45 inches
  • Time Zone: Eastern
  • Water near: Kentucky River
  • Mountains near: Cumberland Mountains. Black Mountain, in the southeast tip of the state, is the highest point in Kentucky at 4,145 feet.
  • Miles to three nearest State Capitals: Indianapolis, IN 164; Charleston, WV 197; Columbus, OH & Nashville, TN 206
  • Miles to National Capitol in Washington, DC: 559

Population Statistics from US 2010 Census

  • 25,527             Population
  • 20.8%              Under 18
  • 14.0%              Over 65
  • 1.4%                 Asian
  • 16.5%               Black
  • 3.8%                Hispanic/Latino
  • 0.3%                Native Alaskan or American Indian
  • 0.0%                Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
  • 75.6%              White

Education Statistics from US 2010 Census

  • 5.7%                 English Not Spoken at Home
  • 83.3%              High School Graduate
  • 26.0%              Bachelor’s Degree or Higher

Economic Statistics from US 2010 Census

  • 20.0%               Below Poverty Level
  • $22,969            Per Capita Income
  • $39,524            Median Household Income
  • $124,200         Median Value of Home
  • 49.8%               Home Ownership

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