Dover, Delaware

00 dover capitol wDover, Delaware

  • Delaware became a state December 7, 1787, the 1st state admitted to the Union.
  • Dover became state capital: 1787
  • Settled: 1717
  • Name Origin: Named for Dover in Kent, England by William Penn

Dover was the capital of Delaware even before Delaware was a state. It was settled in 1717. William Penn laid out the town around a “village green” and today you can see many fine old homes there built in the 1700’s.

The State House, still the official Capitol, was built in 1792, and is the 2nd oldest seat of government in the United States. It has an original portrait of George Washington.

Dover is on Delaware Bay, which opens into the Atlantic Ocean. Bombay Hook National Wildlife Preserve is nearby.

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Things To Love About Dover

The cozy Green that centers in a hometown feel; the spacious flatlands where chickens are raised and tidewater creeks creep in; the reeds and ocean grasses and houses on stilts; Elevation “1 foot” on the GPS in the Safeway parking lot; Dover Air Force Base.

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Capital City Basics

  • Population: 36,047, 44th largest in population of the 50 capital cities
  • Population density: 1,557 persons per square mile
  • Land area of city: 23.15 square miles
  • Elevation: 36 feet, 47th highest in elevation of the 50 capital cities
  • Normal high/low temps: January 40/25, July 86/68. Annual rainfall: 43 inches
  • Time Zone: Eastern
  • Water near: Delaware Bay, Atlantic Ocean
  • Mountains near: The Ebright Road Benchmark at the northern tip of the state is the highest point in Delaware at 448 feet.
  • Miles to three nearest State Capitals: Annapolis, MD 65; Trenton, NJ 112; Harrisburg, PA 125
  • Miles to National Capitol in Washington, DC: 97

Population Statistics from US 2010 Census

  • 36,047             Population
  • 21.5%               Under 18
  • 14.4%               Over 65
  • 2.7%                 Asian
  • 42.2%              Black
  • 6.6%                Hispanic/Latino
  • 0.5%                Native Alaskan or American Indian
  • 0.1%                Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
  • 45.6%             White

Education Statistics from US 2010 Census

  • 8.5%                English Not Spoken at Home
  • 85.7%              High School Graduate
  • 26.5%              Bachelor’s Degree or Higher

Economic Statistics from US 2010 Census

  • 17.5%               Below Poverty Level
  • $22,508          Per Capita Income
  • $47,754          Median Household Income
  • $193,900        Median Value of Home
  • 55.7%              Home Ownership