Providence, Rhode Island

00 providence capitol bikesProvidence, Rhode Island

  • Rhode Island became a state May 29, 1790, the 13th state admitted to the Union.
  • Providence became state capital 1790
  • Settled: 1636
  • Name Origin: Named by Roger Williams (1603-1683), thankful for God’s “providence”

Roger Williams, a believer in religious freedom, was thankful that God’s providence led him to this spot, so he settled here in 1636. Today Providence is the largest city in this smallest state of 1,054 acres. Rhode Island’s official title is “Providence Plantations.”

Providence has been a farming center, a busy port for clipper ships headed to China, and an industrial center. Its majestic capitol is 235 feet tall at its central domed cupola, with a statue on top called Independent Man. There are four smaller cupolas on the sides. Inside is the parchment charter granted to Rhode Island by Charles II in 1663.

The First Baptist Church in America was established here in 1638. Ivy League Brown University is the seventh oldest college in the country. Nearby Newport is famous for its shipbuilding, yachting and boating.

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Things To Love About Providence

The downtown rivers, and Water Place and Water Fire; the steep hills dotted with steeples, and houses, and the Ivy League university called Brown; the massive capitol square.

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Capital City Basics

  • Population: 178,042, 25th largest in population of the 50 capital cities
  • Population density: 9,676 persons per square mile
  • Land area of city: 18.40 square miles
  • Elevation: 24 feet, 49th highest in elevation of the 50 capital cities
  • Normal high/low temps: January 37/21, July 83/64. Annual rainfall: 47 inches
  • Time Zone: Eastern
  • Water near: Providence River. Narragansett Bay.
  • Mountains near: Eastern New England Uplands. Jerimoth Hill on the western border of the state is the highest point in Rhode Island at 812 feet.
  • Miles to three nearest State Capitals: Boston, MA 51; Hartford, CT 97; Concord, NH 123
  • Miles to National Capitol in Washington, DC: 407

Population Statistics from US 2010 Census

  • 178,042           Population
  • 23.4%              Under 18
  • 8.7%                Over 65
  • 6.4%                Asian
  • 16.0%              Black
  • 38.1%              Hispanic/Latino
  • 1.4%                Native Alaskan or American Indian
  • 0.1%                Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
  • 37.6%             White

Education Statistics from US 2010 Census

  • 47.9%              English Not Spoken at Home
  • 73.3%              High School Graduate
  • 29.1%              Bachelor’s Degree or Higher

Economic Statistics from US 2010 Census

  • 27.7%               Below Poverty Level
  • $21,628           Per Capita Income
  • $38,922          Median Household Income
  • $230,500        Median Value of Home
  • 36.7%               Home Ownership