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Home Away From Home

Linda Lou Burton posting about Canberra, Australia from Little Rock, Arkansas – How about a picture-book post today, as the Now-Defunct-Imaginary ‘Round The World continues? For someone who doesn’t like to fly, I seem to be spending a lot of time in the air, or waiting to get into the air. First there was Little Rock- Seattle-Maui-Hawaii. Then Honolulu-Pago Pago-Apia-Wellington, quite a trick to plan with that dateline crossing. But getting everywhere I wanted to go in Australia took even more fine-tuned planning. The River Murray Tour was only available on Fridays, so, I had to be in Adelaide on a Friday; for the government buildings in Canberra I needed a weekday; there was simply no way to start on one side of the country and go in a straight line!

So from Wellington, it’s Melbourne to Adelaide to Alice Springs to Ayers Rock to Melbourne to Canberra; Northwest and West and North and West and South and Northeast. And there are two more inter-continent flights at the end of the week! Australia is all Qantas, with its cute kangaroo logo, quite appropriate for hopping around the continent.


  • Melbourne Airport MEL: Australia’s 2nd busiest; 35 million passengers annual; elevation 434 ft; runways 11,998 ft & 7,500 ft
  • Adelaide Airport ADL: Australia’s 5th busiest; 8.5 million passengers annual; elevation 20 ft; runways 10,771 ft & 5,420 ft
  • Alice Springs Airport ASP: Australia’s 18th busiest; 640,000+ passengers annual; elevation 1,789 ft; runways 7,999 ft & 3,717 ft
  • Ayers Rock Airport AYQ: 309,000+ passengers annual; elevation 1,626 ft; runway 8,527 ft
  • Canberra Airport CAN: 3 million + passengers annual; elevation 1,886 ft; runways 10,771 ft & 5,509 ft

Melbourne Airport

Adelaide Airport

Alice Springs Airport

Ayers Rock Airport

Canberra Airport










In order to appease my non-flying psyche, I pacified myself with nice places to sleep, and recover, in between. So here’s my list, look and learn. Need help planning YOUR next trip?

I chose all my hotels based on location and looks. Were they handy to what I wanted to do, and did their “look” fit in with the unique aspects of their location? And in case I was TIRED after all that flying and just wanted to stay put at my hotel, I wanted a view I’d enjoy, and pleasant dining. I may not be a tourist, but I wanted to enjoy every minute of my trip, and that included where I slept, and ate, and collected my thoughts between all those Qantas jaunts.

  • Adelaide Hilton, 233 Victoria Square
  • Alice Springs Hilton, 82 Barrett Drive
  • Ayers Rock Desert Gardens, Ayers Rock Resort
  • Hotel Canberra Hyatt, Commonwealth Avenue

Adelaide Hilton

Adelaide Hilton Lobby

Alice Springs Hilton

Alice Springs Hilton Balcony

Desert Gardens Resort

Desert Gardens Balcony










Canberra Hyatt tonight, an after-dark arrival, dinner and a good nights sleep. Tomorrow: All about Australia’s Capital City!

Note: All these hotels met my requirements perfectly, and I am sad I had to cancel ALL these reservations due to COVID-19. Don’t worry guys, I’ll be there some day.