What Next! What Next?

Linda Burton posting from Salt Lake City, Utah – Paraphrasing an old tune: I got to Salt Lake City on a Sunday, by Monday I learned a thing or two. But up ’till then I didn’t have an idea, of all the things right here that I could do. I counted thirteen places with Connect Pass, and then I Googled more and more and more; next thing I read the Travelhost and Chamber, and learned about the Tours out to the shore. What next! What next?

 If that didn’t bring the tune to mind, I’ll tell you — it was that old ditty from Oklahoma about “Kansas City” that was buzzing in my head as I assembled my To Do list.  I learned this – the Connect Pass offered by the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau http://www.visitsaltlake.com/about_us/ can be ordered online and looks like a great deal – thirteen attractions participate. The 1, 2 or 3 day passes are great for visitors like me; a full year pass is a good deal for those who live in the area. Some in town and out of town; Clark Planetarium, the IMAX and the Dome; Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum; The Leonardo Art+Tech+Science Museum; a meal at the Lion House Pantry, in the historic former residence of Brigham Young. Be outdoors at This is the Place Park, Utah Olympic Park, Utah’s Hogle Zoo. What next! What next? The CVB’s website lists events, things to do, places to eat, so much, so much.

 Travelhost magazine has some nicely detailed maps; I am beginning to get my bearings now. State Street is a straight street leading straight to the capitol, which is perched on the side of a hill. Galleries, shopping, adventures, Temple Square. Photos of interesting spots; I’m getting some ideas.

 The Salt Lake Chamber’s Life in Utah magazine includes information about businesses and neighborhoods; and what about sports? The Utah Jazz, Utah Grizzlies, Salt Lake Bees, Miller Motorsports Park, and, Simply the Greatest Snow on Earth. Averaging 500 inches a year, (they say, stand on top of a 5-story building and look down to get the idea of it); it hangs around on the Wasatch Mountain Range from November till May. I’m not planning to ski, but it sure does look pretty.

 I’ve decided I’m starting with the Tours. http://www.saltlakecitytours.org/ ; two of them. The Salt Lake City Tour promises over 500 points of interest, including the Mormon Temple, the State Capitol and Governor’s Mansion, Trolley Square, Beehive and Lion Houses, Olympic Village, and, on the Sunday tour, a performance by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! Then, after resting up a day or two, I’m going to the Copper Canyon Mine and the Great Salt Lake. The promo says The Great Wall of China and this mine are the only two man-made creations on earth visible from the space shuttle. And at the Great Salt Lake – America’s Dead Sea and just about the saltiest place in the world – I’ll get to feel the water.

 That’s about as “fer as you can go,” so goes the tune.

 What next!