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Throw Me A Curve

Linda Burton posting from Sacramento, California – A bunch of drinking buddies plotted out the Sacramento Streets, that’s all that I can figure out. I manage to get lost each time I venture anywhere, despite the efforts of my GPS. A careful study of the map just makes it worse, look for yourself! » read more


Capitol Kitty, Capitol Kids

Linda Burton posting from Sacramento, California“The Adventures of Capitol Kitty, an Almost True Story” (ISBN 0-439-45069-1, Scholastic, 2002) is a cats-eye view of how state government really works. Sharon Davis wrote the book during the time she was First Lady of California, about a real cat who lived just outside her office. She created a delightful tale to help young people get a sense of who works at the capitol. Proceeds from the sale of the book go towards the Governor’s Book Fund, a non-profit program established to provide grants to California schools for the purchase of library books. Buy a copy at the California State Capitol Museum Bookstore; your kids will love it – Capitol Kitty and Scare D Cat not only learn about the capitol, they also get an adventuresome fright, and a greater understanding of friendship and courage. http://capitolmuseum.ca.gov/

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Sushi, or Pho?

Linda Burton posting from Sacramento, California — “Do you like sushi?” asked Liz, a bright and friendly Sac State student who works at the front desk of my hotel. I was asking for advice, a grocery store, pet supplies, good restaurants.

“Not so much,” I replied, with a sort-of-grimaced face, “though I do love Asian food.”

“Well you’ve got lots of choices here!” Liz waved her hands as she pointed towards Arden Way, and Howe, downtown, naming places I could find good food. Her nails sparkled as she waved, I reached out to touch, ten works of art in miniature, flowers layered in 3-D, “Explain these nails to me!” I smiled. I needed a pedicure too, Liz directed me. » read more


David and Zach Quest to Sac

Linda Burton posting from Sacramento, CaliforniaDavid Mensch is a 52-year-old father who visited the capitol today with his 15-year-old son Zach. That may not seem unusual, until you hear the rest of the story. David and Zach’s appearance at the West Steps was the culmination of a 300-mile journey from Bakersfield to Sacramento. Three hundred miles in five days, that is, with David in a motorized wheelchair, and Zach riding alongside on his bike.

David, you see, has cerebral palsy. When he was born in 1960, he didn’t start breathing right away, and his parents were told he was brain damaged and should be put in an institution. They kept him at home, and raised him with his three siblings. » read more


I’ll Need My Easter Bonnet

Linda Burton posting from Sacramento, California — What’s the fun going on in Sacramento while I’m here? Austin was head over heels in music with SXSW, Phoenix was immersed in March-spring-training baseball time. Now it’s Sacramento, first weeks of April, my birthday and Easter too. Look to the Visitor’s Bureau first. http://www.discovergold.org/ I’ve only got one full weekend and that weekend I see is packed with Easter fests. Kids are invited to run around and search for colored plastic eggs; the City of Sacramento is staging Saturday hunts in many parks: Spring EGGstravaganza at Elk Grove Regional; Alkali Flat & Mansion Flat Egg Hunt at Zapata; 15,000 eggs at Southside Park, crafts and raffle drawings too. » read more


April Foolishness

Linda Burton posting from Sacramento, California — April 1, a day for fools, and I’m out of cat litter, energy, and, it appears, good sense. My choice to drive north on back roads, thus neatly avoiding LA traffic clogs and saving time, has left me in the middle of who-knows-where, a high-wind weather system raging wild outside. If I blew away, no one would even know. The wind snapped the car door open; the temp had dropped to 44 degrees. I vaguely remembered sweating in Phoenix yesterday while loading up. Not so today. “Don’t pee just yet,” I warned the cats, “I’ll stop for litter soon.” Sand and pebbles scraped against the car like fine-blade knives; I could hear the noise, whap whap whap. A ding, my new-car glass is not so perfect now. A wooden chair ahead, squarely in the road, blown from someone’s yard. A garbage can. A tumbleweed (or tree!) almost as tall as me. Houses huddled; mountains just beyond with snow on top; it must have hit last night. » read more